Sandy Robinson

Iā€™m classicaly trained on the violin, recorder and piano and feel at peace when listening to this genre. But I also really enjoy playing an eclectic range of music from 40ā€™s and 50ā€™s through to current hits and everything in between! As long as it has some musicality to it!!

I love to find out and share little tit bits of information about the composers or the artists and share this with the listeners. Wikipedia is my best source for this info. I know the words to very few songs but sing at the top of my lungs to anything and everything with all the wrong words - much to the amusement (and sometimes frustration) of my partner and friends! What can I say - music fills me with joy that I like to share šŸ˜

I love interviewing local people about local stuff that helps us all know and celebrate what we have here in the high country.

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