Marg Seeber

First Concert

Paul Mcloud ( Country )

First Album

Elvis Presley Rouseabout & Slim Whitman


I was bought up on Irish and Country music, the basis of my influences was from them.

I also was influenced by the 59's and 60's Rock and Roll in my younger years. 

My main one though is the Irish and Country.

The big influence in Country music was Slim Whitman, which My Husband started me on. It was my Grandfather influence of The Irish music.

Show Style

MONDAY SHOW - Monday is a country show. Mainly Australian Independent Artists also some mainstream Artists , as well as overseas Artists. It also includes The LBS HOUR from 11--12 noon. 

 THURSDAY SHOW - CALL FROM IRELAND. It consists of Irish Country and Easy Listening The Irish singers Include Daniel O'Donnell, Mary Duff, Dominic Kirwan, Philomena Begley, Sean Wilson to name a few of them I play. 

I also play Isla Grant and Her Husband Al, who are Scottish but do their Recording in Ireland, with Charlie Landsborough as a special .

Monday's 11AM Show

9 AM | Monday Country

Traditional Country music including Independent artists. Listen through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM

Marg Seeber

Thursday's 11AM Show

10 AM | Call from Ireland & Scotland

The best of  Irish & Scottish artists and music. Listen through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM.

Marg Seeber

Thursday's 1PM Show

1 PM |  *LBS Country Hour

Country Music presented by Marg Seeber. Broadcast through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM and UGFM.

Marg Seeber