Euro Fireplaces

A Victorian company, Euro Fireplaces is invigorating the world of wood-heating with our extensive range of stylish, modern and efficient freestanding and inbuilt wood heaters. With dedicated Euro Fireplaces shopfronts in Victoria and Adelaide as well as a network of stockists in NSW, ACT, QLD and TAS we service most of Australia.

Our staff are highly trained and passionate about what they do, and as a team we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the right heater for your space that not only functions well, but looks fantastic.
Our fireplaces are built on the long European tradition of heating with wood. They are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and do not require electric fans to produce and distribute the heat. And unlike, gas, or electric, wood heating, when done efficiently, is a carbon neutral practice.

Euro Fireplaces heat your home through radiant heat and the process of natural convection. This process rapidly and evenly heats the air within your home and can reach much further than a fan forced heater without the use of electricity. These methods of heating combined with heatbank technology ensures that you harvest every bit of energy from the wood you burn, with efficiency of up to 80% and emissions as low as 0.4g. Not only can you burn wood efficiently but you’ll use up to 60% less of it.

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