Monday's Programs
Music, local news, interviews & comment. Traditional Country music, including independent artists & Health, wellbeing, interviews & music. 60's, 70's, 80's Music mix. Contemporary Blue, Blues news & gig guide.
What's happening on Tuesday?
Music mix, guests, chat, what's on. , Interviews & Current Affairs, Best in blues & Soul, Easy Listening and World music, 70's and 80's music ...
Middle of the Week Wednesday
News, weather & music of the 60's to 90s., Let's go Country, Jane's Jukebox with 60's to now music mix. Favourite Country tracks, Australian 70's & 80's, Best of Music from the 70's.
Thursday's Show Packed
Local issues, Modern music, talkback and chat., Modern Irish & Country music, Anything Goes with Music, Comedy, Birthday Wheel and member give away,  Limbo Rock, Australian Made, Something Borrowed and Something Blue ...
TGI Friday
Sports roundup, information & teams., Fiday Morning Variety - 50's, 60's & 70's music variety, Big Band, Swing, Jas, Funk & Grooves, Works Over, It's the weekend, Music, Comedy & more!  ...
The Weekend's Here
Information & music including Folk, Country & Rock., Hits from the dance floor, What's on, Music Variety, Live call of the Footy, Country collection, Latest & Best Contemporary Country Music, Saturday Night, Highway One.
Sunday's Programs
Country Folk, Fairly Folk, Just G, Hard & Classic Rock and Blues, Music, Comedy, Trivia & a little bit of weird, Campfire Country, All that Jazz ...

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