Be Prepared

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Unfortunately power outages occur frequently in our district and when this happens Mansfield loses all TV and radio transmissions. In an emergency situation the community could be compromised by this lack of communications.

As Radio Mansfield 99.7FM is Mansfield’s local accredited emergency broadcaster, the station can now ensure uninterrupted broadcasting of emergency information even if there is a power outage as we have backup generators at our studio and our transmission sites at the Paps and Tolmie.

There are few easy ways to be prepared for an emergency – and stay connected to Radio Mansfield 99.7FM, your local source of emergency information.

  • Keep a battery powered radio in your household emergency kit so that you can tune into our broadcasts
  • Use your car radio to stay informed.
  • Mobile phones and laptop computers are also battery powered and as all our programs and emergency information are also streamed on Radio Mansfield’s website this can also be useful in an emergency situation.

The Vic Emergency website keeps you updated with local incidents of all kinds.

The Mansfield weather website has good up-to-the minute weather information.

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