Roger Nolan

Roger Nolan

Live Concert

First One

A Beatles concert, I took my younger sister and she screamed the whole way through and I didn't hear a thing. My ears rang for days afterwards.


First One

I can't remember my first album, however when I first moved the London, I bought a Ramsay Lewis album.



I have a very electic taste in music. My Dad was always playing music while I was growing up, and I had my little crystal set as a boy listening to all the latest music.

Show Style

Pretty Straightforward

Music, music and more music.

A Little More

My first radio gig was 3XY's eye in the sky. DJ working in some of Melbourne's biggest night spots. I then continued to DJ weddings and corporate functions. 

My other life was working in advertising, film and television and I have lived in Mansfield for the last 5 years and been a presenter on RadioMansfield since 2016.

Friday's 1PM Show

1 PM | The Big Mix-Up

Big Band, Swing, Jazzy, Funk & Grooves plus! Listen through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM.

Roger (The Dodger) Nolan

Saturday's 9AM Show

9 AM |  Brunch To Lunch

Hits from the dance floor. What's on.. Broadcast through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM.

Roger Nolan & Mitch Clarke