Keith Rogers


First Live

Duke Ellington Festival Hall - so many years ago, clouded over!


First Album

Acker Bilk Omnibus (1961 Traditional Jazz)


Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly

As a “younger” person, I had a keen interest in traditional jazz which led to a collection of Australian and international traditional jazz, and a passion for the jazz clubs around Melbourne. 

I still hold fine recollections of that era, and an appreciation of small group swing jazz and English dance band music of the 1930s. 

This explains my admiration for Billie Holiday who had such talent, passion and ability to make a song so incredibly heartfelt and sincere. 

All this in turn led to discovering of the late 1940s transition years of jazz fusion into Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Rockabilly and real 1956 Rock n Roll.

Why Mansfield?

Rich & Diverse in personalities

Having lived here since the mid 1990's Mansfield is my home.

A broad-based community-based organisation, which remarkably, after many years of voluntary SES service, offers me no respite from call-outs, but keeps the brain active, and I don't have to wear a pager 24/7. 

The scope of activities offers anybody in the community, participation and the opportunity to add real value to the organisation's existence. 

I have found myself in the realm of many rich and diversified personalities, those which make Radio Mansfield so radio-wise different, and a great place to be.

Program Name

Covers Australian and international contemporary blues, mouldy old blues, blues-rock, blues-jazz fusion, and R&B, and includes a birthday of the day for living and passed Blues musicians, their life and contribution to the Blues genre.

Information about gigs, festivals and Blues doings, as well as outlandish opinions, are well-aired.

Monday's 7PM Show

7 PM | Blues Bus

Contemporary Blues, Blues news & gig guide. Listen through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM and UGFM

Keith Rogers