John Coffey - Playing the roads less travelled!

First Concert

Loved Ones - Private Concert

First Album

The Best of Ray Charles.


Jimmy Buffet, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris

Why Mansfield

Great Community Station.

Show Style

Walk the Line (Mondays 7AM to 9AM) also to UGFM National, State & local news, weather, emergency information. Comment & Guests.
Mainly, but not only, country music, some comedy.Includes latest releases from Australian county music artists.

Monday Mornings

7 AM |  *Walk The Line

Music, local news,interviews & comments. Listen through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM & UGFM.

John Coffey

Tuesday Mornings

8 AM |  Vicki & John Show

 Music mix, guests, chat, what's on. Listen through RadioMansfield 99.7 FM.

Vicki Grange & John Coffey