Dallas Daniel

First Concert

GRATEFUL DEAD - in Chicago no less! I still love the guitar riff in "Whiskey in the Jar" !

First Album

Alice Cooper's - "School's out.." closely followed by The Moody Blues' - "Seventh Sojourn"


I enjoy lots of different genres of music: from classical, ballet and opera music to heavy metal and everything in between, EXCEPT country, I'm afraid. Sorry!

Having sung in a band for many years, my wish was always to sound like Chrissy Amphlett, Stevie Nicks or even Janis Joplin, all of whom I love, and I would dearly like to be able to really belt out rock tunes like them, but alas my voice does not lend itself to that! 

So, I'm more like your Carol King or Carly Simon and sing ballads, which I enjoy just as much despite a hankering to be able to sing rock. I guess I just like any music and can't imagine not having it as part of my day.

Why Mansfield

When I joined Radio Mansfield the Station was located in the Railway Station Master's house where the Information Centre is now located. (I christened it 'Possum Central' for obvious reasons.)

It was fun to create a program of the music that I enjoyed and put it to air and hoped that others enjoyed it to.

That is the reason why I still do it. Our community radio station is a wonderful asset for the Mansfield Shire, and I am very pleased to be a part of it.

Show Style

There's no intellectual or thought provoking discussions on my program, partly because, surprisingly for someone who has been doing a breakfast program for years now, I am not a morning person, so clearly not capable of anything more than just providing a musical background to breakfast time on Wednesday mornings.

I tend to focus on music from the 60s through to the 90s, which I hope will get listeners up ready for the day.

Wednesday's 6.30AM Show

6.30 AM |  *Jump Start

News, weather & music of the 60's to 90s.  Broadcast through Radio Mansfield 99.7 FM and UGFM.

Dallas Daniel