Membership Information

Why Membership is important

Community Radio Station licenses are earnt. RadioMansield is audited regularly and every 5 years we reapply for our license. Our license is dependent upon membership to prove that the community really wants us to be broadcasting the information you hear because what's the point of a radio station if there are no listeners?

We provide membership options valued from between $10.00 per year to $40.00 per year which lets us record that you, the listener, believe in our station, our content and vision to be active in the spirit of Community Radio guidelines which we must adhere to, for the license to be accepted.  The volunteers who come in to present their show, do so on their own time, often with hours of preparation beforehand because they want to provide real value to the listeners and also follow the guidelines, and if you have any complaints or grievences, please use our Contact Form where you can register a complaint or pick up the phone and call us, or make a time to come and speak in person.  (We also accept compliments, ideas and suggestions.. so feel free to share that with us too!)

The sponsors of our station are the businesses that believe our Voice In The High Country delivers value to them to be heard in areas they simply can't get to otherwise.

Not everyone uses social media, and not everyone has the internet (most do, but not everyone) so our station gives great opportunity for all to be part of what's going on in the areas we live in.

Your membership matters because it's our way of showing the licensing board that we do have active listeners, that our voices are heard and helps us improve our studio. it gives us validity when we apply for grants for towers and generators so that in the event of an emergency, you can have confidence that important information is able to be broadcasted to as wide audience as possible, particularly in extreme weather condisions or fire.

So that's why we think membership is important.  Choose from our options and become a member of RadioMansfield... We'll even send you a membership card.